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Geopath’s New Mobility Data Reports

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This from Geopath’s most recent newsletter.

Geopath’s New Mobility Data Reports 

In the interest of always providing our members with the best possible data to understand the travel patterns throughout the country, the Geopath team has refined the metrics we are making available in our COVID Mobility Data reports. The new reports provide more granular data and insights to help inform the industry as consumer movement normalizes. 

We are excited to again start sharing these Mobility Reports and appreciate your patience as we worked to update these and other resources Geopath offers. 

What to Expect
In order to better evaluate 2021 data versus a “normal” year, Geopath acquired new, more sensitive mobile data that allows us to provide analytics back to Jan 1, 2019. This increased sensitivity includes the ability to capture even more hyper-local movement than before. As a result of these new data, the metrics will be different from those previously released by the organization. However, the “story” of the data, remains directionally the same.

If you have any questions or need additional data, please reach out to us at geekOUT@geopath.org


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