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Geopath Instituting a $10 per Unit Onboarding Assessment

Assessment Approved by Board of Directors

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Geopath’s Announcement of Inventory Onboarding Assessment

Dear Media Owner/Operator:

By now you are likely familiar with the changes Geopath has instituted over the last several months to our funding model and processes for collecting membership dues to ensure the sustainability of the OOH industry’s essential auditing and audience measurement body. These changes have been, and will continue to be, instrumental in enabling Geopath to implement our strategic vision and further evolve our data and measurement capabilities to propel growth across the entire Out-of-Home ecosystem.

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In addition to solidifying the long-term sustainability of Geopath, the restructuring of our funding model is also designed to ensure that all members are contributing equitably and deriving maximum value from their use of Geopath data, resources, and tools.

As you may have heard from my speech in Nashville, we are enhancing our inventory auditing processes to accelerate the integration new inventory in the Geopath catalog. To that end, and in an effort to keep pace with the rapidly increasing volume of new OOH inventory, we are reintroducing an auditing assessment structure for media owners and operators.

Moving forward, Geopath will be instituting a $10 per unit onboarding assessment for all new or planned roadside inventory (including street furniture), and an $11 per venue assessment for all new place-based venues that a member submits for auditing. This onboarding assessment was recently approved by our Board of Directors and is necessary to expeditiously audit each new frame or venue, and integrate into our database. It will also enable us to ensure that our OOH media inventory catalog is as comprehensive and up to date as possible.

We thank you for your continued support and are available to answer any questions.

Dylan Mabin


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