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For Salespeople In OOH —Facebook to Posterscope to OMA to Starcom to DOmedia

Question of the Week —Cohoot Keeps You In The Know

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For Salespeople In OOH
—Cohoot Keeps You In The Know


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Let’s dive in and discover the hottest topics from the week here …


a message from Movia


Who in NYC is Back Up and Running?
Here is something everyone wants to know. What NYC-based OOH agencies are back and actively working on campaigns? Full Thread Here>>>


Warm Waters of Texas Await You
Check here for a good contact for the Galveston Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. The city on the water is known as one of Texas’ top tourist destinations. And there aren’t that many alligators near the beach, either. Full Thread Here>>>


Lead Wall
A question came up about DOmedia. Anyone have info? Full Thread Here>>>

Is the answer to this question changing? Check the thread to see what industries are increasing their OOH ad spend during the pandemic. Full Thread Here>>>


Samsung’s Answer to the High Price of the Galaxy Fold 2
Our Cohort @Beaches Beat is asking if Starcom NY places the OOH for Samsung, and who is the best contact. The thread has more info on the agency that did the work and a name there, too. News came out this week that the Galaxy Fold Lite may come out with a price as low as $900, half the rumored $1,800 Galaxy Fold 2 cost. Full Thread Here>>>


What Will Really Come of This?
Question of the week. With a list of brands staying off Facebook ads growing by the minute, does anybody here think that major brands boycotting social media will trickle down to OOH? Or is it just a ruse to cut ad spends across the board? Add your input. Full Thread Here>>>


The Five Things He Hates About OOH
Productive and interesting discussion here brought up by Cohort @Walking Popular, about the industry leaders piece in #OOH Today on Friday. Kinda turned off, and shocked by the quote from dash-two’s founder. Thoughts? “Outdoor has always been archaic in so many ways. Sorry guys. The buying process is slow and tedious and needs to speed up. Avails and pricing being sent by excel spreadsheets is absurd. We need to fix this. TV for 20 years has had the ability to price avails through multiple platforms. Digital has so many solutions. Outdoor is old and tedious. And white.” Full Thread Here>>>


What Remains at with OMA
Looks like the Diageo transition from Posterscope to OMA is underway. Check the thread for info on who is there and who is not. Thanks for the intel, @Firecracker44. Full Thread Here>>>


Sales Strategy
A question from @Points Ticket about new buyers. “How much spend do you try to sell a client on for an OOH format they have not previously tried? Is there a happy medium price point that offers sufficient effectiveness and exposure, while not taking up too much ad budget?” Full Thread Here>>>   

Has anyone had luck w/ local restaurants that are having to change how they operate? Full Thread Here>>>


Can You Help with this question?
Did we ever decide on who was buying the OOH for PF Chang’s? Full Thread Here>>>

What are some companies in Indiana who spend big ad dollars with OOH? Full Thread Here>>>


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