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Following Up with Vincent Printing & PlainView LED

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Following Up with Vincent Printing & PlainView LED




With Vincent and Plainview’s recent announcement of their partnership, see the original story here⇒ OOH Printer Partners with Digital Signage Company,  Will Farmer Media and Communications Manager for OOH Today had a chance to follow up with them to get a better idea of what this means for the companies, as well as the industry.




Here’s the Q&A:

  • What exactly are the turnkey customizable solutions? Please list.

Whether in traditional OOH, transit advertising, point-of-purchase, or athletic and venue signage, both companies are aligned with existing customers that require an offering and understanding of digital and static print signage. The turn-key solution is being able to provide a pallet that new and existing customers can use to create engaging and powerful content.

From our point of view, there does not have to be a choice between static and digital. Both have a place in the channels we serve. Both solutions can be used to create an experience for the consumer or fan. As vendors, it is important that we are knowledgeable relevant to the capability of the complete offering.

  • What are the new possibilities in the OOH industry which the release speaks of?

The possibilities are in the product offering as well as technical and sales support. PlainView LED’s years of experience in both print advertising and digital technology have afforded them an operator’s mindset. In talking with PlainView LED’s experienced technical staff, it is easy to understand why they feel PlainView LED’s new product lines are first class.

  • Please describe what “giving [the] ultimate digital experience nationwide” entails.

From West Coast to East, we want to give our customers options in the everchanging world of OOH advertising. For us, it is about teaming up with the best partners, with the best products and working with our customers to achieve their ultimate goals. This partnership will cover all channels, allowing Vincent Printing to provide printed media as well as promote and sell  PlainView LED’s digital displays.

  • Will PlainView LED be selling Vincent products?

PlainView LED is a digital sign assembly plant that works with advertising networks, billboard operators, and technical support. The partnership is a co-branding opportunity. While Vincent Printing will promote and sell PlainView LED’s digital displays, PlainView LED will also provide the technical support needed from project qualification through to completion. The relationship will allow PlainView LED to utilize Vincent Printing as one of their preferred vendors for any additional printing needs.

  • How big were the PlainView LED & Vincent respective sales teams pre partnership? Will that change?

Both company’s sales teams are equal in size, and we anticipate continued growth relative to the demands within the OOH industry.

  • Did the pandemic drive the partnership decision?

While the pandemic gave us all an opportunity to think about the future, the decision to partner with PlainView LED was not driven by these circumstances. One might say this partnership was inevitable, given both companies’ vast experience and home base of Chattanooga, TN. Vincent Printing has remained committed to growth and diversification for many years. A digital signage offering is in alignment with Vincent’s other product lines. The partnership between Vincent Printing and PlainView LED is an opportunity for both companies to promote the advantages and advancement of OOH media.


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