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Firefly Hologram Campaign Sets in Motion Verizon 5G Network in Las Vegas

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Firefly Activated Hologram Campaign to Help Verizon Launch 5G Network in Las Vegas

The holographic creative, projected atop taxi and rideshare vehicles, accompanied the expansion of the carrier’s high-speed network in the city


San Francisco –  Firefly, the company leveraging taxi and rideshare vehicles to build a street-level digital media network, helped Verizon kick off the expansion of its 5G network in Las Vegas with the activation of 3D holograms on top of its vehicles.

From Monday, May 24, to Sunday, May 30, taxi- and rideshare vehicle mounted digital ads for Verizon in Las Vegas were augmented by holograms of the company’s red checkmark logo and the words “5G Home” as well as Verizon-branded wrapped vehicles.

This marked the third time Firefly has launched an innovative campaign featuring holograms using the next-generation Holoprojector device, which spun at a rapid 30 frames per second to create the most realistic 3D hologram experience in the market today. The projector was custom-fitted in Firefly’s proprietary digital displays so that the 3D animation appeared to be floating above the vehicle.

The first hologram campaign, for Puma in February 2020 during the NBA All Star Game in Chicago, projected 3D images of the brand’s iconic sneakers along with branded basketballs. Later that year in November, Hulu utilized Firefly’s holograms for the launch of the reboot of The Animaniacs, projecting images of the wacky Warner siblings, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister Dot in iconic locations across Los Angeles and New York (see a 48-second video of that campaign in action at https://vimeo.com/482702222). Firefly won a Drum Award for Innovation & Use of Digital Technologies for the Puma campaign.

Firefly’s unique street-level media offering delivers personalized brand experiences with hyper-relevant campaigns and full-funnel measurement capabilities, monitoring everything from footfall traffic to brand impact to app downloads. These campaigns can be changed on the fly using insights from Firefly’s Street.IQ technology, which reduces average costs per action by about 34%. With dynamic content triggers like driver routes, area demographics, traffic patterns, time-of-day, and real-time weather conditions, Firefly’s platform is trusted by brands including Allbirds, Dunkin’, Truly, Colgate, Stella Artois, 7-Eleven, Papa Johns and Postmates to deliver highly-effective outdoor campaigns. 

About Firefly
Firefly is the street-level digital media network that connects audiences with dynamic media on taxis and rideshare vehicles. The company works with taxi companies and rideshare drivers to install its proprietary advertising displays atop their vehicles. These proprietary screens deliver dynamic content based on location-based, WiFi-enabled triggers. Firefly provides an additional revenue stream to maximize drive time and empowers brands to efficiently engage consumers across our nation’s busiest cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Miami. Visit: fireflyon.com.


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