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Fire Up the Hot Steaming Pizza Billboard

Where There is Smoke, There's a Lamar Smoke Machine

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photo of billboard with pizza on it
Gazzette photo

Smoking Pizza

Lamar Outdoor fired up another smoke machine to give the hot sizzling affect to Cedar Rapids’ neighborhood Casey’s General Store for their pizza.  The intro was the new Caseys.com site to order pizza online. 

According to the Cedar Rapids, Iowa newspaper, The Gazette,
“This billboard was getting a lot of attention Sunday morning, May 12, with people calling 911 in Cedar Rapids thinking the billboard was on fire. But a smoke machine was behind it all.”


a smoke machine was behind it all.”

We trust Lamar Outdoor advised the local law and fire officials about the ‘smoking’ billboard so they were not acting on false alarms.  The Cedar Rapids police let people know via social media that “a billboard advertising Casey’s Pizza, and viewable on northbound Center Point Road NE south of Blairs Ferry Road, was not actually on fire.”

In a Facebook post Sunday morning, the Cedar Rapids Police Department stated: “Our Joint Communications Center has received several calls reporting a billboard on fire in northeast Cedar Rapids. The billboard company installed a smoke machine to the billboard on Center Point Road about 100 yards south of Blairs Ferry Road NE. The billboard and smoke machine are supposed to depict a steaming hot pizza. There is no fire and do not call 911 to order a pizza!”



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