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Find Out How Craft Beer and Pirates Come Together at OOH Media Conference

Count Down to Conference

3 384

Count Down to Conference

11 days to the No.1 OOH Conference in the World

By now you have figured out, we are extolling the virtues of attending the OOH Media Conference and Expo GO2018. We’ve attended over 25 of the OOH conventions over the years and its value is worth every dollar and minute. We would like to add extra value.

OOH Today has arranged for a few personal experiences for you while you are at the Conference.

Dylan Mabin, Sr VP Geopath

The first, is a meeting with Geopath Senior VP, Dylan Mabin.  Have a one on one session with


We suspect if you phone him, he’ll find a way to meet with you at the conference. Why not let us set up a meeting for you?

Dylan’s mission at Geopath with audience measurement for OOH, is to advance the audience targeting capabilities by developing a comprehensive geospatial infrastructure that can be leveraged for planning and the buy/sell process all the while creating a standard protocol for interacting with all derived insights.


OOH Today has arranged ‘one beer with Dylan Mabin’ at the conference.  It’s a time slotted for you to meet and enjoy a craft beer.  The meeting is set and we’ll buy the first beer.  Its only one time, for one person. 

This is an opportunity to maximize your time at the conference and immerse yourself in audience measurement discussion with the expert.

Be the first person to send us a return reply, in the subject header write,  ‘A beer with Dylan’.

Dylan agreed to make himself available for one beer or 15 minutes to meet.  Dylan likes the Craft stuff, please bring your top beer palate, maybe you can get him to stay longer.

Obie nominated Park University -A Pirate’s Life

Also, at the confab on Tuesday night, witness where Walz Tetrick Advertising’s client, Park University bulletin sized billboard, with dangerously monster sized Pirate Hook, finishes in the balloting for the Obie Awards judging.

This is the Outdoor Advertising main event.  It only happens once per year.  Sign up today.



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  1. Andrea Messimer Henley says

    A beer with Dylan-

  2. Bill Board says

    Yes. An opportunity to meet with the man behind the curtain with an intimate understanding of OOH measurement.
    The great Oz?

  3. Richard Murutar says


    I can introduce him to a mural printing robot!

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