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Fallen Lives, the Fallen Newspaper and the Life We Enjoy in OOH

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photo by Steve Lind FotoFetch

As we head down the road into 2023 let’s first pause and remember those who didn’t make it to the new year.  I am reminded of a recent poem I read by Marianne Baum titled Every Minute Someone Leaves This World to paraphrase her work.

Age has nothing to do with it,
We are all in ‘the Line’ without knowing it.
We never know how many people are before us
We cannot move to the back of the line
We cannot step out of the line
We cannot avoid the line
So while we wait…”

The poem then goes on with suggestions such as make moments count, make someone smile, make time, make sure you are ready, etc.  I left a link to the poem below, it’s a good reminder that we are all mortal and that our “Contract in Life” has an unknown expiration date. https://onlineindus.com/english/Every-minute-someone-leaves-this-world-behind.-Age-has-nothing-to-do-with-it./46173

Shot by FotoFetch

great photographic images are like having extra salespeople selling for you.

Now on to a lighter topic…..

I still like to read the newspaper. As a paperboy, I have a warm sentiment for newsprint.  My paper route comprised 60 homes in my neighborhood. And this was Americana all the way, every home subscribed to The Moline Dispatch back then.   Today I would gather a mere handful of those homes to get the paper that has now merged with the adjoining cities paper, The Argus.

Yet for us in the OOH industry with a similar legacy as newsprint, we are enjoying the opposite with exciting growth and new opportunities.   Unlike the print industry that ignored changes with cable news and CraigsList, their swagger cost them tremendous amounts of revenue, market share, and subscriptions.  We have improvised and changed, providing our customers with new opportunities and effectiveness that keep OOH vibrant.

What may have worked in the past may not always be the same.  The OOH industry is all about visuals, great photographic images are like having extra salespeople selling for you.

Shot by FotoFetch

OOH clients will continue to request professional and timely images of their campaigns.  Why?  Because they are blasting them out on social media and other campaigns.  It is like having your customers telling everyone else to buy OOH!  FotoFetch can be a solution. Let us help you on the prosperous road ahead for 2023 and beyond.

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist,  FotoFetch
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