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Facebook 14 Hour Outage —Where to Now?

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Facebook’s Massive Outage —What’s Next?

#geekOUT —Friday Fast Facts

Facebook has been all over the headlines for various reasons this year.  The latest reason was for a massive outage that happened across the world this week – the most severe outage for the social network to date, lasting more than 14 hours.  In fact, Facebook needed to use its closest competitor, Twitter, to explain what was going on across its network.


Not only were users unable to access the site – the ads were inaccessible as well.  Facebook earns $90M+ in ad revenue every day – so this represents a large issue for advertisers.

The news has a multitude of stories about how users and advertisers are starting to flee the platform.

Geopath has information on which #OOH locations are best to reach the users who are currently not actively using the platform – which result in more than 8B impressions every week on roadside OOH.  The organization also knows which locations best reach the audience currently using Facebook, 21B+ impressions every week.

If you want to know more and develop your own fast facts, contact geekout@geopath.org
A message from Geopath

OOH —Friday Fast Facts



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