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Enter The World Of Endless Possibilities: Using VR For Marketing

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Enter The World Of Endless Possibilities:

 Using VR For Marketing

People think of the word virtual and most likely think, COVID 2020, zoom call meetings, and homeschooling. What if it meant ESCAPE? Escaping the real world and entering one that you can control and choose to be part of. Creating a world SO REAL that you have to think twice about it. Lime Media has made this possible and has used this as a marketing technique. Our mission at Lime Media is to bring imagination to life. We are proud to have been able to accomplish this with two of our spookiest campaigns! The foundation of this type of marketing is “try before you buy”. Step on in and experience the virtual worlds Lime Media has created.

Our clients asked for an unforgettable experience and Lime Media delivered! Warner Brothers wanted to promote their movie, IT. The movie is an iconic thriller about Pennywise the clown that terrorizes children. There was a remake of the film and Lime Meda was tasked with creating an experience so real that the audience felt as if they were on set. We used our school bus asset (how creepy is that) and converted it into a walking sewer pipe where Pennywise would hide his victims. The flooring in the entrance of the  bus was made out of glass and had different props such as shoes, trash, and of course Georgie’s boat. FULL BODY CHILLS. There were also 8 chairs connected to the VR systems creating a full motion experience.  When visitors put on their VR set they were transported into the sewer where they could hear Pennywise laughing around them. They were able to “walk” through the sewer and live in horror. This technique truly captured everyone who entered! They were able to get a sneak preview of the movie before going to see it.

Our second VR campaign was to create buzz around the movie, A Quiet Place. Paramount Pictures wanted something that would frighten their audience but not scare them away from buying a movie ticket. Lime Media created a soundproof room where consumers would enter and watch clips of the movie. Best part, their reactions were being recorded! We were able to capture all the jumpy moments. The booth was filled with different effects that made them feel they were a part of the actual movie. The agency promoting the movie, Gradient, wanted to capture raw emotions and create an experience so impactful you would HAVE to see the entire movie.

This virtual reality trend is here to stay. This form of marketing creates involvement between the consumer and the advertiser. It automatically creates a relationship between the two. The best way to get an audience to follow your brand is to create an experience that will make you memorable. Lime Media is here to turn your idea into a reality! Visit our website at www.lime-media.com for more information. Don’t forget to follow our social media to see all the awesome projects we are part of!

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