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Wrapping a Billboard —The Teaser Exposed

Veritiv Video that's “Wrapped Up”

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Veritiv and OUTFRONT wrapped a billboard in stretch wrap to catch some eyes, and deliver a surprise.

Beginning as a teaser. The poster was recently unveiled to reveal the billboard campaign promoting sustainable packaging. Veritiv is a packaging design and supplies, Fortune 500 7yr old brand, trying to make a name for ourselves!

Here are the details of the campaign and a few supporting assets.

  • Wrapped 1 billboard in stretch film (the stuff pallets are wrapped in so they don’t move) and let is generate curiosity in Louisville for 2 weeks.
  • Used a new form of film called Vanish that breaks down into food for microorganisms after 2 years. Aka ‘we’re feeding the earth!’
  • After 2 weeks, they cut around the plastic wrap to reveal the message “Wrapped up in Packaging Waste?” with their logo.


Advertiser: Veritiv Corp

Agency: Outfront Studios

Designers: Drew Bolen, Carol Zangari

Title of Work: “Wrapped Up”


Veritiv built a landing page to capture search results that has been counting down for the past 14 days, and has a really cool drone video of the reveal. https://go.veritivcorp.com/Louisville-wrapped.html

Here is a quick view of the tease and reveal.

Veritiv used Sigma Vanish Stretch Film, powered by Eclipse Bio-Assimilation Technology. The surprise is, it completely disappears and becomes food for micro-organisms.

Veritiv asks: What do you need wrapping? Here is the reveal video for the Veritiv wrapped poster teaser


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