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EMG & FLIXBUS Bring New Mobile Branded Network to the Streets

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New York, NY, – Encompass Media Group (EMG), a leader in Out of Home advertising solutions, and FLIXBUS, North America’s fastest-growing intercity bus service, have joined in an exclusive partnership that is opening a new avenue for travel advertising across the United States.

Under this new collaboration, Encompass Media Group has been granted the right to offer advertisers the opportunity to brand the exterior of FLIXBUS nationwide. The fleet of over 200 buses can transform into intriguing mobile billboards for audiences in cities and on the road, generating exceptional brand advertising opportunities.

FLIXBUS has earned its reputation as a pioneer in the intercity bus industry, offering travelers a convenient, affordable, and sustainable way to explore the United States. With a comprehensive network covering major cities and destinations, FLIXBUS provides a modern fleet of buses equipped with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and comfortable seating. Passengers can expect a seamless travel experience, whether embarking on a leisurely vacation or a business trip. FLIXBUS is popular amongst college students and adults traveling for short leisure excursions, business travel, and groups of adults and older individuals traveling as groups.

Encompass Media Group, known for its innovative approach to advertising and execution from concept through completion, will now extend its expertise to FLIXBUS. The partnership will see Encompass Media Group transforming three sides of FLIXBUS vehicles into immersive advertising spaces while offering additional opportunities for audience engagement. This move enhances the buses’ visual appeal and engages audiences through creative and dynamic advertising campaigns – with GPS tracking for extensive reporting.

The collaboration provides ample opportunity because FLIXBUS has redefined the travel experience, and EMG is excited to contribute by transforming buses into captivating brand spaces. This partnership opens a world of possibilities for advertisers to engage with consumers in specific markets and regions.

The exclusive partnership between FLIXBUS and Encompass Media Group comes when transit advertising is undergoing a dynamic shift. With more travelers opting for sustainable modes of transport, buses have emerged as a prime advertising medium due to their extensive reach and high visibility. This collaboration leverages FLIXBUS’s expansive network and Encompass Media Group’s creative prowess to create a win-win situation for passengers and advertisers alike.

Encompass Media Group is an Out of Home media company founded in 2000 with over 20 exclusive media properties. EMG provides the opportunity to connect with consumers in every DMA in the United States. For more information about EMG and its full portfolio of networks, visit https://www.emgmediainc.com/.

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