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EMG Launches Youth Sports Facility Network

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Encompass Media Group (EMG), a national multi-media company, has partnered with over 90 youth sports facilities to offer exclusive advertising opportunities. The Youth Sports Facility Network is comprised of a wide range of indoor and outdoor branding tactics like banners and lightboards that showcase advertisers.

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On average each youth sports facility receives between 500K to 2.5M visitors per year meaning you can demonstrate your brands’ support for youth and the community while gaining impressions from millions of people. These facilities typically pull audiences from 300 miles away and target families with high household incomes.

Youth sports facilities offer an ideal platform to reach a captive audience. These loyal, engaged families in turn are likely to support advertisers they are exposed to. EMG believes this hyperlocal advertising outlet will connect clients with a new way to increase brand awareness, tell their story, and reach a desirable target audience.



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