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Dogs Bite, People Don’t

Once A Week, Usually, But Never Weakly

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by Nick Coston, US Sales Director, The Neuron; Industry Humorist

So there’s four months left in 2022. Do you have a plan or are you going to continue on the same path that you have been all year long. If you have a budget to meet how are you going to meet it? If you’re looking for a job or to change jobs what’s your plan? You say you have $2 million left in your ad budget, do you know what you’re going to spend it on? Well, do you?

Let me help you using some tried and true theories. Well, there’s only really one. Get out and see people whether it’s one person or nine-hundred. It may not be an exact match of the corner corner of the industry you’re in, but I guarantee you you’ll find someone at any of these events I’m going to list that can bring you business, do business with you or have some ideas on how you could end your year on a positive note.

But it’s not gonna happen sitting at your remote work station. You’re gonna have to get up from your desk, put some fun clothes on that people notice, clown-noses that light up and beep are my go-to outfits, and charge into that next event like you own the place. And talk to people, don’t wait for them to figure out who you are, chat it up. It’s been a few years since we felt good about social events for work and ever since last year’s Digital Signage Week in New York, then the OOH Conference in Marco Island, not to mention the World OOH Conference in Canada, followed by the Cannes Advertising Festival in France, OOH events are once again the in-place to be. Look at it this way, you’re in a room full of people who do the same thing you do as opposed to sitting in your home office, with your dog staring at you. Pick the room full of people trust me on that. The dog will be fine.

And not all them have to be in person there are some great webinars and online events coming up, more than there have been over the last few years. Just later on today, Wednesday, DPAA breaks the ice heading into the homestretch of 2022 with a Research & Tech seminar, 2:00pm. It’s free. Nada, no coin needed. Make the time, see who there, ask some questions. Be seen.

September 13 in New York City also available virtually, the IAB, Interactive  Adv Bureau holds it’s 2 Day Audience Connect Conference. Towards the end of September there’s the IBO, Independent Billboard Owners, Conference in easy to get to Charlotte, loaded with great speakers, a lot of outdoor company owners, printers, new tech peeps, money people. The last group are the guys in suits.

message for DPAA Summit 2022

Then October has NYC Digital Signage Week, with events every day Monday through Thursday. The following week is NYC Advertising Week, which usually goes on for four or five days, and finally in November the return of Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. The latter hasn’t been held in almost 4 years and it’s absolutely cutting edge in tech for anything DOOH. Plus its Vegas. That beats going with the kids to Chic Fil A on a Wed night.

Five major event/conferences, most with smaller break-out conferences in the same week. They all have easy to read websites so you can pick and choose the optimum days to attend. What a great additional touch point to ask clients or potential clients if they’re going to any of these events. If they are all you need to say is I look forward to seeing you there. Don’t worry about trying to nail down exact appts, those never turn out, especially in Vegas. Just go, have a fluid game plan which starts the day getting up early, attending everything that is available and going to bed late. Preferably coherent. One can really make great use out of attending any of these conferences,  simply by showing up, talking, exchanging information, walking around. Try and get some of the attendance lists in advance, most are available a week out. Then work on your “stalking techniques”, they’ll come in handy, just don’t use that phrase and don’t tell anyone “Nick suggested this, he says it works every time”. What you can do, is if you want more information at any of these events, I’ve attended them all, multiple times and I’m happy to guide you on your approach. You know how to find me.

Of course these aren’t cheap, travel, housing and occasional conference fees are involved. Pick two conferences that you feel can serve you and your company the best, and go from there. Try not to duplicate where the same people go every time, try and go for the different crowd at each event. DPAA Day on October 11th in NYC, always has great food,  breakfast, lunch and a fun happy hour at the end of the day. More than enough time for you to meet key people.

So I don’t wanna hear any of you complaining about this fall being dull, people won’t make appts, they’re working remotely, blah blah blah.

Go to where the people are. You’re supporting our industry, meeting folks you otherwise may have never met, check out booths, see demo’s, know where people go afterwards the smokes cigars. They’re there.

Now do like the movie title says and “Get Out”! I promise that no one will bite you. Well, people that is.

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