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Detroit Muscle verses the Autonomous Vehicle

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Detroit Muscle verses the Autonomous Vehicle.

From the Wall Street Journal

A counter argument self driving cars

Where does this take us in self driving cars?
Left to the legacy auto manufacturers, the timeline is past a generation. On the other hand, is the Detroit skill set appropriate to the paradigm shift taking place through out the world? Should we be looking to Detroit auto manufacturers as the solution?   What about Google and Apple, who are a dedicated resource?

Numerous companies are developing autonomous vehicles in one form or another.
Ford has just stepped up to detail its own approach to self-driving cars.

Ford delivered a 44-page self-driving safety report titled “A Matter of Trust” to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Self-driving vehicles are going to cause many transformations in consumer behaviors for some of the systems to succeed. In that context, the technology will be the relatively easy part.

More on self driving cars.  

On the other hand, see the video below for automotive and artificial-intelligence visionaries’ predictions. When will fully autonomous vehicles take over the roads and how might they change our lives?
Click here for the video on their ideas from the Wall Street Journal Driverless Revolution




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