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Delivering a Curated Brand Journey at Manhattan Village —Sensory Interactive

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Manhattan Beach, CA – Sensory Interactive delivered a comprehensive journey for guests at Manhattan Village using technology to generate significant revenue through transactional advertising and brand voice.

Manhattan Village had already initiated a large-scale renovation and expansion when their development consultant and management team, Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) recommended engaging Sensory Interactive to design and implement a Master Plan for a Dynamic Real Estate platform. Our team assessed the center and created opportunities to activate communal areas, provide wayfinding, and introduce an integrated brand experience for guests that provides a previously untapped revenue stream for Manhattan Village’s ownership.

Sensory Interactive’s Master Plan included fully integrated immersive interior and exterior mounted large format displays and an integrated network of kiosks that deliver a blend of branded content and wayfinding for guests. To secure permitting and approvals for this innovative network, Sensory Interactive provided entitlement support. This included meeting with the mayor and city council and making presentations at numerous city council meetings. Our team also developed presentation materials, animations, and talking points, all advocating on our client’s behalf.

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Our design and content team reviewed the project’s architectural plans and found opportunities to use technology and content to evolve points of interest. A clocktower with a digital face was already part of the planned design for a central outdoor gathering area. Sensory Interactive added to the design by incorporating digital panels that feature custom-designed dynamic content animating static patterns present elsewhere in Manhattan Village’s architecture. This change made the clock tower a landmark and helped activate the space.

Construction in some areas at Manhattan Village was already under way before Sensory Interactive received approval for some aspects of our platform. As a result, we needed to leverage nontraditional approaches to designing and constructing our integrated kiosk network. To avoid digging up completed roadways and sidewalks, Sensory Interactive adapted the kiosk network design to use wireless technology. This innovative design solution prevented costly rework while delivering an improved guest experience through the new kiosk network.

Sensory Interactive also developed a monetization strategy for the platform and negotiated a media sales agreement between ownership and Out-of-Home Media company Big Outdoor. This agreement brings branded content to Manhattan Village, delivering a new stream of revenue to ownership.

Our work at Manhattan Village helped create an improved guest experience through wayfinding, integrated brand presence throughout the complex, and unique focal points like the clock tower that leverage dynamic content to engage guests. Sensory Interactive’s Operations Management team will provide ongoing support to program and maintain the Dynamic Real Estate platform.

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