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Is there a DELETE in OOH?

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by Robert Arnold
President, Associated Posters, Inc.


We all have a morning work routine.  For some it starts with making coffee or catching up on office gossip. Maybe now with stay at home orders it is changing from your personal PJ’s to your work PJ’s. For me, it starts with opening my email and hitting the delete key over and over again. I skim the subject lines for the obvious like “Apply for XYZ Loan” or “Need more working capital?” and DELETE. Then I move to the less obvious. The “Re: Do you have time today?” and “Enjoyed our conversation yesterday”. Even though they are more clever, they suffer the same fate…….. DELETE. Is it weird that I get satisfaction in sniffing out the clever ones? Or move them to my spam folder and rapidly press the delete key as if I am a one man firing squad taking out my enemy of spam emails?

So, as I sit here in my personal spam war, I wonder. Is there a DELETE in out of home? The answer is yes. Sure, we can argue that print can’t be deleted and point out impression counts to confirm the number of times an ad will be viewed. But if we do not provide engaging and thought-provoking copy, then we have squandered that advantage. With everything happening in the world today, now is the time to step up your game and think outside the box. We need to be creative not only in our ads but in our businesses as well. Something that sets you apart from everyone else. It is also a time to take risks. One of my all time favorites is a campaign that Fairway pulled off back in 2016.

They installed yellow smiley faces on a several pieces of unsold inventory. The boards generated a lot of buzz and everyone wondered what was to follow. What everyone did not know is Fairway didn’t either. There was no client yet. The plan was to use the buzz to pitch several clients with the opportunity to follow the big yellow smiley face. Bojangles signed on and reaped the benefits of the big yellow smiley faces. This was a big risk but it payed off. This proved that the answer is not always just in the creative.

As scary as it is, now might be a good time to take risks and think outside the box. Customers are still going to spend money but not with reckless abandonment. We have to show them that we are worth spending money on.




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