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Customizing the Carolinas’ with OOH

Carolinas' Outdoor Advertising Associations Conference

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Super Sizing Your OOH Restaurant Buys

Kym Frank brought a custom Geopath OOH proposal to the North and South Carolinas’ Outdoor Advertising Convention in her speech to the group.  As part of the measurement units they can offer of specific targeted audience segments . She shared data regarding QSR and #OOH in both states. The presentation was an excellent example of an effective presentation you can create using Geopath. The Geopath office will help you produce and customize a similar presentation providing unlimited access to all of their data, software, and systems.

We recommend you take Kym Frank up on her offer of assisting you creating a data rich effective presentation for your next meeting.  Geopath Consultative help from the geekOUT team is always ‘ON.”

Here are a few example slides below.

Is your OOH revenue proportional to the QSR breakdown? Your market not here?  Call Geopath for assistance in finding this information for your market.

Where is your State on this chart?  Getting your fair share of OOH QSR dollars?

For the complete presentation Geopath President Frank provided to the NCOAA / OAASC attendees or a custom one specifically for your use, contact Kym Frank at GeekOUT@geopath.org or Kym@geopath.org.   www.Geopath.org





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