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Colle McVoy —OOH Agency Today

Full-service and Purposeful

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OOH Agency Today—Colle McVoy




Sarah Druhan

by Sarah Druhan, OOH TODAY Journalist

Unique, eye-catching, and strategic to a T, the work of full-service creative agency Colle McVoy certainly stands out in a crowd. This efficient team isn’t one for focusing on business-as-usual. Rather, they’re focused on adding a certain ‘pop’ to every campaign they manage, forging personal connections with consumers by giving them a reason to turn their head—whether that be through a giant Pinterest board or an ad roasting Times Square in the middle of Times Square. To hear more about Colle McVoy’s shake-things-up attitude, we turn now to Dustin Black, Executive Creative Director at Colle McVoy.

Dustin Black

1) Please tell us about Colle McVoy. How long have you been in business? Staffing? Size? Specialties? Billing? Regional Offices? 

Colle McVoy is a full-service creative agency that leads brands to their next. We combine purpose, innovation and experience in new ways to give businesses a competitive advantage. Our perfectly mid-sized agency is known for our hyper-collaborative nature, rapid problem solving and channel agnostic solutions. Our unique combination of disciplines allows us to connect strategic insight, media, creative, data, brand experience, public relations, design and technology in a way that allows us to unlock groundbreaking and unexpected ideas that drive business forward. 

Founded in 1935, our agency of 200 talented thinkers, makers, inventors and creators brings this approach to a diverse collection of client partners, including 3M, AGCO, Anytime Fitness, Associated Bank, Blu Dot, Burnett Dairy, Capital One, CHS, Children’s Health, Cub Cadet, Deluxe Corporation, Elanco, Florida’s Natural, Goodyear, Houston White, Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism, Land O’Lakes, Medtronic, Northern Tool + Equipment, Perdue, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation,  Target, UnitedHealth Group, U.S. Bank, Vermont Creamery, Whirlpool, Yelloh (formerly Schwan’s Home Delivery) and Zoetis, among others.  

message for Movia Media

2) What would you like brands and the OOH Industry to know about your shop? 

We believe OOH is an opportunity to add a little flavor to peoples’ daily routines. Chances are, OOH experiences are on their daily commutes or in places where they are well traveled. Our job is to add a bit of levity to their days and make them say “Oh, that’s cool!”. Every OOH opportunity is a chance to rethink how we show up in the market or what  experience can we add to turn peoples’ heads or what can we do that leads to a purchase. Because of this, we always want to make something new, push boundaries and work with partners who let us play with different technologies.3) Any comments or suggestions for OOH reps in approaching or working with your company?

Our media philosophy is “build it, don’t buy it.” We’re always looking for creative plus-ups to make the work more interesting. So, partners shouldn’t bring just a traditional media buy, rather bring ideas that can add that wow factor to our campaign. 

4) Colle McVoy seems to be very ‘purpose-driven’. What would you say is the ‘purpose’ that you strive for when looking for and managing clients? 

We take special care to make sure we understand every client’s purpose and what they bring to the world. OOH allows us the opportunity to express their purpose in a way that hopefully gets more attention. It allows a unique way to express why they exist.

5) What is your most memorable new business pitch?

During a pitch we created a 15 ft. X 6 ft. wood OOH board and had it installed outside the office windows of company we were pitching. It included smoke and driftwood as a way to tease how OOH can be more than just a 2D flat experience.

6) What differentiates your business from others? 

With each project we take a full ecosystem view and solution-neutral approach, which transforms marketing efforts and gives our clients a real competitive advantage. We make sure we fully understand each client’s brand so that every message we put into the market is the right message and every creative opportunity is as interesting and unique as possible. We have a tough filter to ensure that people will take notice and care about the work. Very often, a unique OOH execution fits the bill.

7) Please share new business contact information. 

Gina Gray (EVP, Business Development)

8) Discuss or share OOH campaigns by your shop.  

We’ve created many successful, memorable and award-winning OOH campaigns. The most recognizable would include: Children’s Health Get Well-evator, Jackson Hole VRnoculars, Associated Bank Packers billboard, Jackson Hole Ski Lift Bus Shelter, Caribou Coffee Oven Bus Shelter, Take Me Fishing Times Square Billboard, Caribou Coffee Giant Pinterest Board, Explore Minnesota Tourism – Minnesota in a Box

See Colle McVoy fact sheet here ⇒ Colle McVoy Fact

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