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Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight Fights LA —Stay Vigilant OOH

These digital signs may be coming to LA Taxis. To stop this, take action now

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The ‘Other-Side’ is organized

When OOH is the subject, the anti OOH organizations reach out to their members encouraging speech and opposition to OOH in any way they can to defeat growth.  Here is recent example below, which was posted yesterday by Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight.  CBBB is banding together to defeat the City Council consideration to place digital OOH on Taxis in LA.

The ‘Other-Side’ will never cease with their biased and ridiculous attacks on Outdoor.  We can never letup or take for granted the permanency of any wins or rights we have earned to continue our business. This is another example, like the billboard boat people recently sunk in NYC, supporting my never ending reminder to everyone; ours (Out of Home), is the only media which can be legislated out of business.  Stay vigilant.

a message from Wrapify

Here’s the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight notice below

“These digital signs may be coming to LA Taxis. To stop this, take action now.

Next Tuesday, Dec. 10, the full L.A. City Council is considering a move that would allow those ugly digital signs on Taxicabs! They are already marring the roofs of Uber and Lyft cars; the new measure would clear the way for them to perch atop taxis.

The motion, which is Council File 11-0104-S1, has numerous flaws and loopholes. Among them is to treat the signs as a “pilot project” on “a reasonable number” of taxicabs. Well, what’s a reasonable number? If you think that a reasonable number would be zero, now is the time to weigh in.

Use this web page:
Enter the council file number 11-0104-S1 and use the talking points below.
The above webpage has links to every council member’s office and e-mail.
If you need to know who your council member is, here’s a page where you can enter your address:

Dear Council Member
Next week, the full council is taking up a motion by members Martinez and O’Farrell that would enable the creation of a pilot program to put changing digital signs on L.A. taxicabs. This is Council File 11-0104-S1.
I/we oppose this measure for many reasons. The signs are ugly and intrusive. Some of them are even electronically sensitive and can lift information from passengers’ cell phones or location data. They will take digital advertising into literally every neighborhood of LA. Moreover, the City Attorney has determined that the signs are illegal under state law and previous city ordinance. I/we urge the Council Member to vote against this measure, which will make Los Angeles a much less pleasant place to work and visit.
File your comment in the next few days! Thanks”




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