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CCO CEO Eccleshare Shines in Interview

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photo of William Eccleshare
William Eccleshare, CEO Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings


Clear Channel Outdoor CEO Eccleshare Shines in Cheddar Interview

“Unlike nearly every other kind of ad, OOH doesn’t interrupt an experience.”

William Eccleshare, Clear Channel Outdoor CEO, appeared on Cheddar in an interview soon after ringing the NYSE opening bell yesterday. His ‘on air’  interview was quite good, making strong points for OOH and CCO.

When asked why has outdoor done well, Eccleshare offered a clear-cut response.  “There’s a fairly simple explanation for the ability of outdoor ads to weather the digital disruption.”  “Unlike nearly every other kind of ad, OOH doesn’t interrupt an experience.” “We reach people when they’re very receptive to advertising.”

“When you’re waiting for a bus, or riding the train, or sitting in traffic, you’ve got the time and inclination to read about a new product or show. It doesn’t feel like a bombardment, the way a radio or TV commercial or an online banner ad often does.”

Watch the 2 minute video on Cheddar here ⇒Why Billboard Advertising Still Works in the Digital Age





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