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Carvana Spending Big in OOH

Carvana Dozens of Billboard Bulletins in One Market

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photo credit Daniel Sangjib Min/Times Dispatch

Carvana, the Arizona-based online used auto dealer, who’s business model gives customers the opportunity to view, buy and finance cars online, then delivers the car to the customer’s door, is dominating the Richmond, Virginia OOH market.

Carvana has placed dozens of billboards along Richmond’s Interstates 95, 64 and 195 advertising its car buying service. Carvana has been in Richmond almost 2 years ago. They are currently in 55 markets across the Country with plans to open in 30 to 40 additional markets.  On our recent drive up I-95 and along I-64 from what we saw, it appears Lamar Advertising has the lion’s share, if not all of the business.

Some of the copy reads: “Personalized Financing Pronto,” “#UnsuckingCarBuying,” “Buy Your Next Car From Your Couch” and “Enjoy Car Buying Without the Bitter Aftertaste.”

In January, we saw Carvana bulletin heavy in Nashville as well.

Carvana is very pro- Outdoor Advertising.  If you have not contacted Carvana yet, do so. They are realizing phenomenal growth with tremendous revenue as recently reported by the CEO, with a 148 percent increase in the fourth quarter year-over-year. They are spending in OOH and buying with significant weight and presence.

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Photo credits Daniel Sangjib Min



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