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Camel City & COVID-19 —Commitment

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Camel City Poster Productions shared a message with their partners and OOH community. General Manager, Vincent J. Pannutti penned a ‘state of the company’ communication assuring full production capacity and support for OOH customers.  Please see the message below.


 Camel City & COVID-19


As you know we are now dealing with a Global Situation that is affecting all of us
professionally and personally. We want to assure you that your production will not be

With the uncertainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I want to assure you that
Camel City Posters is taking the necessary precautions when dealing with your products.
We understand that your orders equal money and know that they are vital to the success
of your business. We do not foresee any reason for any delays in production or shipping.
Production is running smoothly and since our materials are MADE IN THE USA our vinyl
supply is full and safe to use. Our staff has been addressed and is maintaining a healthy
and clean work environment. We are operating at full strength running two full time
shifts and have recently added additional staff.

Our shelves are fully stocked with plenty of vinyl and ink to withstand any unforeseen
potential shortages that may arise from this Emergency.

If you or your team needs anything from Camel City, please reach out to your Account
Representative and we’ll address it immediately.

If you have any changes to your shipping addresses or special circumstances/needs that
must be met to ship something please let us know.

Please stay diligent and protect yourself and those close to you.

Vincent J. Pannutti
General Manager
Camel City Poster Productions
Office: 1-800-828-3226





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  1. Kasper Koczab says

    The actions we are asked to take during this crisis mean real material damages to vendors in the OOH industry, including being able to make payroll and pay suppliers who need to do the same. But what brand is seriously thinking about running an OOH campaign until this disaster ends? We should be doing nothing to promote people coming Out Of their Homes. I realize that as an advertiser this reality hurts me the least; I’m pulling my budget, while OOH vendors’ cashflow is jeopardize. But for those of you who know me, you know I love this medium and I’m its #1 cheerleader. I post this because I believe staying in the DL is in the OOH industry’s best interest in the long run. Going OOH in the time of staying at home is dangerous and it shouldn’t be promote it. Except for the CDC/OAAA campaign of staying at home, of course.

  2. Bill Board says

    Should the OOH Industry be promoting OOH at this sensitive time? Other than promoting ‘stay home’, ‘wash your hands’ or similar messages, is it wrong to sell or encourage brands to advertise in #OOH at this time? I have my opinion and it is, ‘yes we should with a few caveats’. Brian Rappaport’s post skillfully presents, as a savvy, experienced planner buyer of OOH, would promote formats in OOH which make sense to use in this Coronavirus economy/culture. Also people are out and about, i.e. Out of Home. Granted the numbers (impressions) are lower, though we only know that empirically as official numbers are not being made available yet. So the question is, not to advertise or sell advertising at this time, it is more about what brands or messages are most appropriate and what the impact is with reduced impressions. Another question might be, if I am a financial service, would it be in the public’s best interest and mine as a brand, to make my services known and available at this time when their need might be greatest? Maybe you need to roll that budget back out. Out of Home that is. Thank you for the comments Kasper Koczab. Your perspective is appreciated and important to the dialogue for everyone to weigh the issues.

  3. Bill Board says

    Kasper Koczab, what you prescribe is a a tough pill for all of us in the OOH Sell side to swallow. It is, like it or not, the correct medicine. Thank you for your comments.

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