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Bulletin Displays —OOH Owner Today

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OOH Owner Today – Bulletin Displays


by Will Farmer
OOH Today
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Bulletin Displays’, LLC is one of the largest independent locally owned billboard companies in Los Angeles and 90% of their inventory is where you most want to be —on freeways! Their units can be “permed” long term or utilized in shorter term rotary programs. Their inventory has grown significantly over the years, and the future promises even more exciting opportunities. Bulletin Displays coverage is on major freeways where the highest impressions are located.

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A long-standing reputable history within any industry as innovative as the outdoor market tells a great story, and Bulletin Displays is no different. With an evolution spanning as far back as the 1930’s, this company pushes forward as one of the top five freeway billboard operators in the Los Angeles area, the busiest and subsequently most competitive advertising market in the US.

The current president, Mark Kudler, has operated the company since 1999 with a leadership that is both hands on and pioneering, with family traits inherited from his experience and his predecessors. His grandfather, Moe Kudler, represents the start of the company’s success. He founded Advanced Neon, a business that was marked to build the on-premises signs across the United States for such renowned companies as K-Mart, Pep Boys, and Van de Kamp.

The entrepreneurial venture was also responsible for construction up to forty off-premises poster panels per month for a small start-up billboard business at the time called Pacific Outdoor Advertising (now known as Outfront Media). By the 1960’s, known for his dedication to both the industry and community, Moe was serving as the President of the National Electric Sign Association, also known as NESA, and had devoted himself to civil rights, becoming the International Treasurer for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Robert “Bob” Kudler

Robert “Bob” Kudler, Moe’s son and Mark’s father, worked for Advanced Neon during his younger years, learning the business and leadership at his father’s side. In 1961, Bob broke away from his father, founding his own company, Kudco Diversified Inc., at the old United billboard plant in La Mirada. By the following year, Bob’s brother, Joel, had joined him to develop General Neon and Plastic, a subsidiary responsible for the fabrication of on-premises signs, including all the neon letters installed on Toyota’s billboards nationally. Between 1961 and 1990, Kudco Diversified Inc. had become the premier billboard fabricator in the entire outdoor industry on the West Coast of the United States, considered the best in the business for complicated roof structures and responsible for the creation of most of the billboard companies’ products. His success led him to appear twice on the cover of Signs of the Times.

In regard to the community and in response to his own experience serving aboard the USS Perkins during the Korean Conflict, Bob dedicated his off time to the Navy League, raising funds for the Navy service members and their families while also volunteering as a Lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol.

Much like his father, Mark grew up in the industry, working within Kudco Diversified as a gopher and learning the business from the ground up. He watched as Kudco built and delivered all along the West Coast, providing fabricated billboards for long-term customers such as Pacific Outdoor Advertising of LA to Donrey Outdoor in Las Vegas. The trips between LA and Las Vegas multiplied to the point that the company had to design their own custom-built crane to haul entire billboards in between the two great cities. The unique vehicle was fondly nicknamed “The Freak”. Mark made the trip out to the deserts of Vegas many times with his father; the on-site capability and innovation from this experience would go on to define his leadership moving forward.

After completing his graduate studies, Mark began working at Bulletin Displays alongside Bob, shifting the focus of the father-son team to operating their own billboard plant. In 1999, Mark was inducted as the President of Bulletin Displays, specializing in partnerships with the City Councils of Southern California and creating strong relationships that develop win-win solutions for both the sign companies and the cities. Mark specializes in hard to get permits and locations by working directly with landlords and local government agencies to develop locations that are successful for both the cities and the property owners.

As part of the family tradition to serve the community, Mark also sits on the Executive Board of Directors for the Orange County Anti-Defamation League and on the Executive Board for Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM), located in Compton California. The organization teaches young boys and girls to fly and learn about the aeronautical industry. Mark is also on the Board of Directors for the Compton Chamber of Commerce.

With the premier knowledge and experience spanning over 85 years in the outdoor advertising industry, Bulletin Displays offers unique and innovative methods for all industrial and civil service entities to develop their own presence in the ever-evolving LA Advertising Market. Mark Kudler has personally designed different architectural structures for different cities that help them blend into the cities’ landscape, while still making an impact. The company has some of the best freeway inventory of static and digital signs with absolutely stunning head-on approaches and their growing demographical presence ensures both a significant presence for the consumer and a bright resounding future as a strong partner for any company in the advertising market.

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