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Mean Girls in OOH

Billups places Mean Girls

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OOH’s impact contributing content for social media.

The Broadway Musical’s OOH, placed by Billups, is “incredibly proud to have brought” the Mean Girls’ Time Square and ‘subway takeover’ to life.  

Watch the short video and you’ll know why everyone is saying, “Do you see all this pink?!”
The Mean Girls cast makes a PR trip to Times Square to amplify their OOH media as effective social media content.  Just as social media contributes to an outdoor ad’s impact, so does OOH’s impact in contributing content for social media.  In addition, though they are staring on Broadway in a Tina Fey musical, it obviously is a great thrill to see one’s self on OOH in Times Square. #OOH

Watch the cast of Mean Girls share their visit to the subway takeover and Times Square billboard. Click on the arrow in the photo below for the video.




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