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Billboard’s Left Hand Readers

The 'Left-Hand Read' message by Dave Peacock, Lamar Advertising

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Top 3 reasons to rent Left-Hand Read Billboards 

  • They usually have a longer read. 

  •  They are easier for the driver to read.  

  • They are almost always cheaper than the right-hand read on the other side.  

Sometimes it’s the simple explanation, proposal or pitch which resonates best with the client.
This short post credit to Dave Peacock, GM at Lamar Philadelphia, works very well.   


Dave Peacock
General Manager at Lamar Advertising Company
Greater Philadelphia Area
LinkedIn profile 











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  1. Thomas H Torrey says

    Notre Dame University had a seminar in the early 80’s about the use of Left hand readers in OOH campaigns. The main point was that when you drive down the road you are not only looking to the right. If you do you will have a possibility of hitting the cars on your left. Also most cars have 2 plus people in the car and the passenger is most likely looking to the left. The end result is if you know your market and your Billboard inventory you can over come the left hand reader mis information.

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you Mr Torrey, for your comments regarding the terrible misunderstandings of the left hand reader. Your additional descriptions of the strengths of the left hand reader is very helpful.

    Too often the left hand reader is misaligned and dismissed out of hand by planners and buyers without examination. We have all witnessed, as a seller and buyer, location refusals by self-proclaimed ‘OOH experts’ who rubber stamp their rejection as though they understand Outdoor Advertising more than others, when in fact, as the true OOH planning expert realizes, great value and hidden gems exist in many ‘left hand readers.’

    Let the buyer beware.

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