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Billboards can be Heaven and They can be Hell

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Reading Eagle: Susan L. Angstadt


Developer Scorned Turns to Billboard Hell for Mayor

When a local developer sees major projects and funds ‘ruined’ by arbitrary code violations and delayed permits, bad blood boils between that individual and the governing body’s head administrator, in this case the Mayor.

In a retaliatory move against the Mayor, six billboard messages were bought by the developer, Alan Shuman, president of Shuman Development Group. The Mayor, Wally Scott, said the messages were in response to comments regarding past transactions between Shuman and the City.

Some of the Digital Billboard messages were:

“Mayor Wally Scott, what happened to your promise to bring business back to the city?”

“Reading is the only city in PA fined for refusing to provide city records to public, what are you hiding?”

“Why don’t you do something about the city taxes being four times the rate of anywhere else in Berks County?”

Want more? Read the full story form the Reading Eagle here⇒Reading developer pays for billboards scrutinizing Mayor Wally Scott




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