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Big Move —No Longer Exclusive to OAAA Members Only!

The OOH Industry’s Insider Proof, OOH Works! Attacking 2020

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“the effectiveness case studies no longer behind a member wall.”


—No Longer Exclusive to OAAA Members Only!

We are so stoked by this decision, knowing everyone has returned from Holiday break, we want to share the post from last week again! 

Take advantage of the opportunity to access OAAA’s collection of #OOH Effectiveness Case Studies.   Details to access and how it came about are below. 


OAAA Big Move
Case Studies No Longer Exclusive to OAAA Members Only!

The OOH Industry’s Insider Proof, OOH Works

OOH Today’s 21st Podcast titled, Attack 2020 — Resolutions & Recommends for OOH, OOH Today OOH Expert Board Room Member Bob Wolfe, President of Outselling, suggested as a New Year’s Resolutions and Initiatives, the OAAA “commit to more case studies” making them available to everyone. We asked Stephen J. Freitas, OAAA, Chief Marketing Officer, for a link to the case studies to share with our readers and the Industry. 

Stephen Freitas, generously provided OOH Today with a link to the OAAA OOH Effectiveness Case Studies.

Link to OAAA Effectiveness Case Studies click here⇒  OAAA Effectiveness Case Studies.

That is just the half of it. The beauty and extent of their generosity goes further, as Stephen Frietas tells us, as of yesterday, they no longer are keeping “the effectiveness case studies behind a member wall.”  OAAA has made them available to anyone!  What a great way to celebrate the New Year!  Thank you Stephen and OAAA President and CEO, Anna Bager!


Freitas goes on to share, “there are currently 370 case studies on the OAAA website. We update and replace them regularly. We added 119 new case studies in 2019. We do make an effort to collect new case studies all year long and encourage our members and agencies to provide them to us. We are also building an attribution case study library for benchmarking.”

Stephen Freitas email: sfreitas@oaaa.org




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