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Being The Ice Cream Man!

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Movia Media

by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

Geo-Targeting with Precision Accuracy

If you want to understand how a lion hunts, dont go to the zoo. Go to the jungle.” – Jim Stengel

After a long day of working from home, I thought of going for a stroll around my neighborhood. There is a playground, just a block away from where I live, and there I was surrounded by kids screaming in joy!

I felt pretty admired but then I found my self standing right in front of an ice cream truck. They always find the perfect location to park – because like any good business, they know where their audience is. 

Truck Advertising utilizes this same tactic, taking your message right to your audience. It’s more than an ad, it’s an extension of your brand. 

Mobile billboards are becoming increasingly popular because you can target specific geo locations that traditional OOH cannot reach.

They offer greater conversion rates, a cost-efficient CPM, and a higher recall rate – but the icing on the top is the ability to geo-target your audience by employing advanced mapping software and GPS data to build exact itineraries. Mobile billboards can target a certain audience on a hyper-local level.

In a survey, more than 80% of data buyers have acknowledged that location data boosts advertising and marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.

Movia Media

Taking your message to residential neighborhoods, downtown areas, special events, and even targeting rural areas are some of the hyper-targeted capabilities that truck advertising can add to your strategy. A lot of the time these areas can be difficult to reach with traditional OOH, but the mobility of truck ads makes it a perfect fit.

According to Outdoor Advertising Magazine, advertising on trucks and trailers has a retention rate of up to 97% because (and who knew?)  68% of consumers make purchase decisions while driving in their cars. 

So if you’re looking to help your brand reach the people you know will be most interested, do like the ice cream trucks and seek them out. Geolocation services are there to help you find them.

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