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Beach, Chalk and Projections Building Subs in OOH

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Subway ‘seeing subs’ sand castle. Do you see it?

Subway’s subliminal OOH with submarine sandwiches.

The campaign is perhaps too subliminal in its out of home execution of projection media, sidewalk chalk, sand castles and cinema.

Subway, still the world’s largest fast food chain, took on guerrilla marketing and subliminal messaging with its latest media buy.  The #OOH placement has arguably choices which are relatively low reach with thinly sliced impressions.

Subway’s subliminal campaign strategy?

In the media-saturated landscape, consumers are more likely to take notice of something which makes them question what they just saw.

Will the public take notice of something which makes them question what they just saw?  Yes, providing they saw and recognized it.

A strategy, in what seems so many Out of Home campaigns are counting on these days with ‘one off buys’ or limited non traditional media, is social media will carry the day strengthening their exposure.  Certainly it will, but the ‘jump start’ OOH provides, needs more ‘beef’.

It may be my conventional outlook that traditional OOH is the solution carrying the campaign as the non-traditional likes of projection media, chalk art and beach sculptures are supplemental support.  I am eager to see where the #ROI comes in and if the campaign continues.

Watch the 30 second video below.  Read the full story.⇒ Subway Goes SUBliminal in New Ad Campaign





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