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Bad News for Dope Billboards on California Highways

California Weed Regulators Errored in Allowing Marijuana Billboards

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California Weed Regulators Errored in Allowing Marijuana Billboards


Bad news for dope billboards on California Highways


California’s Proposition 64 vote in 2016, allowed the legalized sale of pot for recreational use. Apparently the proposition stated there would not be any advertising to children and there specifically would not be advertising on interstate highways and the major state highways. Big oops for outdoor advertising. 

The folks ‘in charge’ for Cali’s weed regulation, Bureau of Cannabis Control, exceeded its authority when they allowed billboards to advertise marijuana along freeways. All this by a recent court ruling, fundamentally prohibiting billboards along 4,315 miles of interstate highways, including Interstates -5 and -80, and state highways that cross state borders. That’s a lot of billboards!

As California typically leads the country in progressive protective legislation (some might say over protective, but we would never say that), will this sentiment catch on affecting OOH throughout the rest of country?  Better start lobbying right now. Take the fight to them. Wait and it maybe too late.

And even if there is no eminent threat to strike Maryjane from OOH, be judicious in your display of the product. Over indulgence, too many billboards and ‘in the wrong areas’, will turn that easy street dope dough into a revised prohibition faster than you can say ‘Big Bambu!’ 

Read about it here in the LA Times⇒ CA Officials Improperly Allowed Cannabis Billboards

For those objecting to our use of the word ‘dope’ for marijuana, we leave you with
Urban Dictionary Definitions of ‘Dope’.

Old people definition: Marijuana
Southern definition: Meth
Northern definition Heroin
Also dope can mean awesome.

People who do not do drugs call Marijuana Dope.
People who do Marijuana call Heroin Dope.
Word has also been used to describe how good something is.

A stupid person. Noun
A buffoon, simpleton, dolt or idiot.
Charlie Brown may say block-head.
What you may be if you really give a damn about the use of the word ‘dope.’
Wait, what?


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