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AR James Distributes Care Packages During Installations

Kenny Boulware

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AR James Media Community Outreach


Over years of service in the City of Newark, AR James Media, bill poster, Kenny Boulware, engaged with homeless individuals and became a familiar face in the community while posting transit shelter ads. Boulware brought to AR James team’s attention, the daily struggles he has encountered of people enduring harsh outdoor conditions.

Recently, Boulware shared a story about a gentleman that was feeling ill and asked for some  ‘change’ for a warm cup of tea which struck a chord with the AR James team. Ariana DeLucia, company CFO, took the initiative and purchased a wide variety of products to create care packages which include snacks, emergency blankets, hand-warmers and other important non-food items.  

“On a daily basis we tend to take for granted the little things that can make a significant impact in other people’s lives” was the message. Now, Kenny has a van full of care packages to deliver to those during his installations in the city. If we do a little day by day for those that are less fortunate, without passing immediate judgement, then we can make a significant difference in the world.

OOH Today congratulates AR James’ thoughtful, unheralded community service. The OOH Industry has personnel in the field everyday, where it is not uncommon to come into contact with homeless and others less fortunate taking some form of refuge in and around nearly every type of OOH structure.

Have you taken similar initiatives? Share your experience as an OOH Owner. Let us know in the Leave a Reply section near the bottom of this page below.




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