‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’

Freeform 30 Shelter Buildout

‘Everything’s Gonna be Okay’

OUTFRONT Media says, “Stop and Smell the Roses. Really, stop and smell the roses.”

Freeform was looking to promote their new upcoming half-hour comedy series ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’. Thinking outside-of-the-box, they incorporated real flowers on top of the shelter roof and a shadow box with fake plants inside of the shelters. Dominating West Hollywood in a very creative way, Freeform utilized five custom buildouts and complimented it with thirty regular shelters scattered throughout West Hollywood.  It’s all in the 1:17 second video below.





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  • joe willy

    Flowers everywhere. Flowers in her hair.

  • Bill Board

    Mr Joe Willy, Everything is going to be OK