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OOH Today is the only independent source for news and information on the out-of-home industry. OOH Today publishes only OOH related topics.

We welcome knowledgeable contributions from objective authors as well as advertisers promoting their products or services. Contributors may be credited or published confidentially.


  • When sharing a tip, be as specific as possible in articulating a clear issue, event or insight that is newsworthy and of OOH public interest
  • Provide documentation and specifics
  • Evergreen articles are encouraged
  • Articles should be 200-900 words
  • Outdoor advertising is a visual medium; a minimum of 2 photos or visuals must accompany your contribution (with proper rights)
  • We want to hear your personal experience
  • Focus on how your message is useful to outdoor advertising. How will your post help readers grow their business? We like practical, actionable advice that our readers can put to use.
  • Share stories that are well-supported with short quotes from experts and links to sources. They can be specific to one person with advice for the reader (How He Did It and How You Can Too) or a general guide (Five Steps to OOH Sales Success).
  • Topic suggestions: Sales stories, creative, agency buying and planning, everyday life hacks, current trends, and core topics. MOST of all we want stories about PEOPLE, whether they’ve been in the outdoor industry for 50 years or 50 days, we want to hear about them. Share stories about people who started their own business, unique opportunities, successes in selling, client attribution or human interest.

We appreciate you taking the time to send us genuine tips and well-researched articles. We will review submissions and reach out with questions or explicit approval in advance of publishing.


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