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Altermark —OOH Agency Today

Specialized in OOH and DOOH Media Planning

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OOH Agency Today —Altermark


by Will Farmer
Media and Communications Manager, OOH Today




Altermark is an Oohtech company specialized in Ooh and DOOH media planning fueled by market intelligence. Their goal is to increase the efficiency of OOH media planning by optimizing the convergence of unique media experiences and location-based data.

Entrust your OOH planning into the hands of the most data-oriented team in Latin America. They are specialists in OOH media, data-driven marketing and delivering measurable results. Their focus on OOH data permits you to focus on your business and what you do best, while they deliver optimized results interconnected to your goals.

We spoke to Claudia Damas, CEO of Altermark. She filled us in on the importance of being an OOH specialist. She highlighted some of her favorite OOH campaigns. Here’s what she had to say.

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Q&A with Claudia Damas,
CEO & Partner | Altermark




Will Farmer: Please tell us about Altermark. How long have you been in business? Staffing? Size? Specialties? Billing? Regional Offices?

Claudia Damas: Altermark is a pioneer in the industry of Out of Home, having been created in 1986 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Years later, we expanded our offices to North America and today we oversee the entire Americas region. We have a team of over 80 Out of Home specialist. We have a HQ for Brazil in Sao Paulo and our US & LATAM HQ in Miami.

WF: What would you like brands and the OOH Industry to know about your shop?

CD: Our goal is to connect people and brands using data and our experience of more than three decades within the Out of Home space. This formula makes the magic of OOH happen. We seek to transform Out-of-Home media through technology and maximize customer results. We are an independent group able to achieve speed and agility during the entire OOH processes.

WF: Do you work with clients directly and/or through agencies? What is the percentage breakdown?

CD: We work with both agencies and direct clients; the split is 50/50.

WF: Any comments or suggestions for OOH reps in approaching or working with your company?

CD: Let us make it easy for you, let us show you the power of OOH. We want to be a facilitator, making OOH simple and available for all brands. With the knowledge we have accumulated over three decades together with a deep knowledge of the Americas and the data & technology available in each country, we will deliver a turn-key solution for your clients that will look and feel the same whether we are looking at New York City or Buenos Aires.

WF: What is your most memorable new business pitch?

CD: Samsung – prior to the pitch we visited each country in Latin America where they had OOH. We presented an analysis of their presence and how Altermark could improve their footprint while reducing cost and increasing efficiencies. The client was pleased, to say the least and we won that business.

WF: What differentiates your business from others?

Our differential is (1) that we are OOH specialists, this is a niche area of the media world. Our teams spend 100% of their times focused on how to best present clients in this outdoor world.  We also (2) offer coverage across the Americas in every single market that exists. For all markets we deliver precise media plans, execution and monitoring of the entire campaign process.

WF: How do you obtain new business?

Every way possible. We have new business executives that focus solely on new business. We have team members who are aware of what’s going on in the streets and bring ideas to the table of new client that we should approach. We have clients that come to us because they have seen the work we do and want our help.

WF: Please share new business contact information.

CD: Claudia Damas | CEO | claudia@altermark.com

WF: Discuss or share OOH campaigns by your shop. 



An initiative created, designed and executed by Altermark. After a tough year dealing with a Global Pandemic, Altermark decided to share some love with our vendor partners and the world.  https://vimeo.com/507179406

Google Olympics:

Even though Google was not one of the main sponsors of the Rio Olympics, their campaign was more recognized than that of the main sponsors. Altermark integrated all key media formats, office with online and activation to make this campaign remarkable.  https://vimeo.com/294560136/7e473038c3


 New brand launch – Altermark supported Coca-Cola in the launch of their Topo Chico product in Brazil. A variety of media formats in various environments were used across several cities to familiarize the public with the style of the Hard Seltzer.




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