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Allvision unveils Corporate Environmental Sustainability Policy for Earth Day

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Allvision unveils Corporate Environmental Sustainability Policy for Earth Day


Toronto –  In honor of Earth Day 2021, and aligned with the United Nation’s push for a post-COVID ‘Green Recovery,’ Allvision Digital Out-of-Home has strengthened their existing environmental policies to create a comprehensive corporate Environmental and Sustainability Policy to bring the company into a greener future.

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A strong focus on green energy, sustainable building practices and corporate responsibility provide the backbone for the Digital Out-of-Home company’s new environmental pledge.

Christopher Bentler, President of Development at Allvision, said “We have always been committed to building an out-of-home company with responsibility and sustainability at its core. Through our partnership with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, we’ve been converting power used by our signs into renewable energy. We’re looking to grow that partnership, and work to minimize our carbon footprint in any way that we can.”

This announcement is part of Allvision’s accelerated 2021 growth strategy, which includes expanding partnerships and community involvement with organizations such as Bullfrog Power and Second Harvest, corporate development, and integrated marketing support.

The full policy can be found here on the Allvision website: Allvision.com/Sustainability 

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Allvision is Canada’s premiere pure-play digital out-of-home media company.
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