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Algooh Media, The First Fully Self-Serve OOH Automated Media Agency

Break Down Barriers to Make OOH Media Accessible, Easy, and Effective

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Algooh Media, The First Fully Self-Serve OOH Automated Media Agency, Break Down Barriers to Make OOH Media Accessible, Easy, and Effective


NYC – As Covid-19 impacts ripple across the Out of Home industry,  Outdoor advertising has seen their “Recession-Proof”  media assets devastated by recent stay at home orders. The national client is trending towards hyper local planning, and the local advertisers need a way to buy multiple media types from one source.

Recognizing the traditional process of buying OOH is outdated, convoluted, and extremely manual, Algooh Media has set out to do something different by revolutionizing the industry to break down barriers and make effective, strategic OOH advertising and marketing campaigns easy.

Familiar with the many moving parts of traditional OOH, Algooh Media removes roadblocks and makes purchasing any type of outdoor advertising easy, modern, and straightforward. Taking advertising beyond digital mediums and private trading desks, Algooh Media empowers brands and businesses with a nationwide inventory of advertisement potential via digital, static, non-traditional, and experiential event mediums.


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Algooh Media has aligned systems with Paction Printing for turnkey production services as well as POP Tracker for automated proof of performance tracking and fulfillment requirements.

All services can be accessed through one Algooh dashboard to truly create a seamless end to end experience.

Pioneered by Peter MacDonald, the former COO of MacDonald Media, Algooh Media incorporates 20 years of innovation and experience navigating the ever-changing outdoor advertising landscape. Harnessing the power of innovation and 21st-century technologies, Algooh Media is positioned to become a must-use media agency for any out-of-home media campaign. To learn more about what Algooh Media can do for you and your brand, please visit AlgoohMedia.com.

About Algooh Media

Algooh Media is a fully self-serve out-of-home (OOH) automated media agency and a member of 4A’s, Geopath and OAAA. Allowing anyone to locate, evaluate, purchase, bill and execute all forms of out-of-home media using agency-level tools, Algooh Media is empowering brands and agencies every day to target and reach consumers in “on the go” high-traffic commercial locations. To learn more, please visit AlgoohMedia.com.

Media Contact
Company: Algooh Media
Name: Peter MacDonald
Title: Founder


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