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Adding Online Ads to your OOH Marketing Strategy Pays Off

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Adding Online Ads to your OOH Marketing Strategy Pays Off


Kailee Keller


Submitted by Kailee Keller,
Services Coordinator for IBOUSA



With the ever-changing world of advertising, we, here at IBOUSA, want to help our independent operators grow their book of business. One of the ways we have done this is by partnering with Frequence, a California Ad Tech Company. Frequence has allowed many of our operators to seamlessly add an online product suite to their portfolio. This has provided them with the ability to capture more of their advertiser’s campaign dollars all while driving greater results for them. Truly a win/win.

One of the IBO’s most recent Frequence success stories is with our operator company Borges Media out of Stephenville, TX. Borges Media is a new billboard operator who started in the industry in Spring of 2019, then added Frequence to the portfolio in Spring of 2020.  Borges contracted the services of Kerin Rue of Krue Consulting to help. Kerin has been educating the Borges Media team to better understand online & mobile ads and has helped them package it with their billboard inventory for a well-rounded one-stop-shop advertising campaign.

I had the chance to speak with Joseph Borges and his team, as well as Kerin Rue, about their recent $4,000 a month recruitment campaign. 

Kerin Rue

Kerin had this to say about this campaign and Borges Media. “It is a campaign that would have gone to a competitor had they not expanded their product offerings. It isn’t just the money, however….this campaign packs a punch with the OOH and Online combo. Clients are able to make a greater impact on the market AND save time by working with ONE Account Executive. Moreover, it ensures creative consistency as well. Borges Media strives to put together cohesive marketing strategies for their clients. At first, they were limited by the number of billboards they had….now by providing online solutions they are only limited by time and ambition. Prior to providing an online product offering their average sale was $600 a month. They are excited to report that by adding an online offering and being strategic in their go-to-market strategy they are starting to reap the rewards of bigger dollars and clients with a larger footprint. The keys to Borges Media’s recent success include: invest in a dedicated resource to drive sales, invest in training so that they can run faster and not make the same mistakes other startups have, hold the AE’s accountable and have them set goals. DON’T THINK SMALL! It wasn’t until they got strategic about the categories of business to tackle that they started closing bigger businesses.”

Joseph Borges

The Borges Media team had glowing remarks about Frequence and Krue Consulting.  “Kerin has been a lifesaver as a new company to the industry.  I am able to bounce ideas, whether that be billboards or online ads, off her.  Kerin’s experience and knowledge of both industries have been an invaluable tool! Frequence online ads have definitely helped our company.  Where we were 18 months ago and where we are now are very different.” -Joseph Borges

Audie Renee


Beyond being pleased with what Kerin has helped Borges Media achieve, they also love the Frequence platform.  “Frequence is a very simple platform to use, I think anyone with a general knowledge of computers can learn how to use it within a few mins of jumping into it and pushing buttons.  ” –Audie Renee.

About Frequence
Frequence with 1000’s of customers nationally, offers a powerful sales and business platform for online and digital advertising that allows local media sales organizations to build data driven cross media proposals, automate workflow for order entry and creative as well as performance reporting.  To learn more about Frequence, please visit: www.frequence.com

About Krue Consulting
Kerin Rue has over 15 years experience in building teams, driving online revenue and managing a profitable business. She’ll help establish a plan of attack, set realistic revenue goals, establish best practices, instill confidence in sales teams & leadership all while driving incremental revenue. Most importantly, she is not new to OOH.  At Adams Outdoor Advertising Kerin overhauled their go-to-market strategy for Online Advertising and in less than three years established a foundation that drove multi-millions in online revenue along with substantial growth and sustainability for both OOH and Online.  www.KRUECONSULTING.COM

About IBO
Our network of business professionals emerged a few decades ago and combined efforts with common ties as independent business operators, mostly from smaller rural and suburban markets.  Challenged by our size and access to resources, contacts and ideas, we created an organization whereby we helped each other out, not dissimilar to the old ways that our great country was born, by neighbors helping neighbors.

Over time we have grown to be a fun, innovative and influential group of business entrepreneurs and companies, centered around the world of marketing and exchanging ideas of technology, operations and sales.  We each have resources, products and services that operators may benefit from, and this site attempts to coordinate a wide variety of interests.

For more information about IBOUSA send an email to support@IBOUSA.org or for immediate attention call 580-226-2234.

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