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Adams Outdoor Launches Smart Billboard Technology

OOH New Smart Billboards

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Adams Outdoor Advertising Eastern PA Announces Launch of Smart Billboard Technology

Smart Billboard Technology combines out of home media and online advertising to more effectively reach consumers while providing data and insights to help inform media strategy

Bethlehem, PA — Adams Outdoor Advertising Eastern PA announces the availability of Smart Billboard technology.  Media buyers and advertisers now have the opportunity to combine the reach powerhouse of billboards with the targetability and trackability of online advertising. 

“Billboards do an excellent job of delivering compelling and meaningful messages to the world.  Partners like media measurement experts, Geopath, have helped us better understand who drives past each billboard every day.  This new technology allows us to provide more insight into actions taken after the billboard message is seen and connect delivery with attribution, said Tony Cioffi, General Sales Manager at Adams Outdoor Advertising Eastern PA, “With our investment in Smart Billboards, Adams Outdoor Eastern PA is the first local media company to bring the on-road consumer conversion to online.”

 “It’s truly a consultative solution to a complex challenge.  First, an advertiser works with one of our local account executives to identify the right target audience.  Next we determine an outdoor strategy to reach that specified target audience,” said Timothy Rowe, Eastern PA Online Specialist, “By activating the Smart Billboard Technology, we create a continuation of the advertiser’s message, reaching their ideal consumer on the road and well after they’re reached their destination via their device or desktop.”

Smart Billboard Technology Availability

Smart Billboard is a media technology service provided by Adams Outdoor Advertising Eastern PA, who is committed to offering the latest in media delivery products. Smart Billboard technology is available for immediate media strategy application.  For more information visit www.Smart-Billboard.com or contact the Adams Outdoor Eastern PA corporate office by calling 610-266-9461.

About Adams Outdoor
Adams Outdoor Advertising Eastern PA is the largest local out-of-home advertising organization based in Eastern PA and parts of New Jersey. Adams Outdoor Eastern PA offers 1,400 static billboards and 73 digital billboard locations throughout Eastern PA, and now Smart Billboard out-of-home and mobile advertising technology. For more information, visit www.adamsoutdoor.com.





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  1. Patsy says

    Great, how does it work?

  2. Bill Board says

    Great question, a number of people have also asked. We’ll inquire. Thank you Ms Patsy

  3. Ian Gerard says

    Patsy, google “software defined radio” and that should give you an idea of how it works.

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