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A Bus Shelter— “Open a Can of Imagination”

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PlayDoh Goes OOH

Bus shelters can be so impressively effective with the right creative.
This campaign for Play-Doh seizes the imagination of young and old.

The inspired concept of “open a can of imagination” displays fittingly in a bus shelter. Only a shelter, more so than any other Out of Home medium, seems to be the best choice to achieve this campaign’s objectives. And no copy!  Love it.

Read the article from Communication Arts⇒ The Bus Shelter for Play-Doh invites viewers to see beyond the product and imagine what it can become.


Juan Espitia/Mario León, art directors/writers/creative directors
Leo Macias, chief creative officer
Golden Image, photographer
Cristian Monroy/Andrés Moreno, directors
Dolly Cantor/Dario Lozano/Esteban Pava/Tatiana Rodriguez, producers
Latina Studio, production company
DDB Colombia, ad agency
Hasbro, client

Communication Arts




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  1. Raymond Rodriguez says

    Did they empty the cabinet, custom print, or does the device have a camera recording the background?

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