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‘OOH Demand Will Outpace Supply’ —VIOOH Forecast —Offers Solution for Predicted Challenge

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VIOOH launches new real-time platform alongside suite of premium features 

NEW YORK CITY, NY, VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out of home (DOOH) supply-side platform, announced the launch of its new real-time programmatic platform VIOOH Trading Manager, and VIOOH Intelligence, a suite of advanced features focused on operational efficiency, programmatic deal management and yield optimization.

VIOOH Trading Manager represents another huge milestone for the DOOH industry enabling out of home (OOH) media owners to trade their inventory programmatically with 40 leading demand-side platforms (DSPs) currently integrated, in real-time. VIOOH’s proprietary ad-serving capabilities that power VIOOH Trading Manager align digital OOH to more omni-channel buys and brings an array of innovative benefits for VIOOH’s media owner partners, including:

  • Increased demand through the support of a highly requested content management offering  – including the management of visual units and moderation of creatives in bulk
  • Optimization and an intuitive user experience through visual planning and allocation intelligence tools
  • As well as increasing overall demand, an ability to flag last-minute revenue opportunities

we predict that the growth in programmatic demand will outpace media owners’ ability to roll out new supply

Media owners using VIOOH Trading Manager also have the opportunity to take advantage of the first new VIOOH Intelligence offerings from a suite of additional data-led features that empower media owners to maximize the usage and value of their inventory. These advanced features will give media owners access to:

  • Enhanced predictability of revenue via Programmatic Guaranteed deals
  • Optimized portfolio allocation powered by the VIOOH Allocation Engine – proprietary machine learning software that uses state-of-the-art optimization techniques
  • Greater visibility and control over portfolio health – alerting and empowering media owners to react quickly to trading activity
  • Data-enriched planning, and trading – through secondary audience targeting data and live trigger activation

VIOOH will be rolling out more features in the coming months – including premium yield management tools.

message for Movia Media

At VIOOH, we predict that the growth in programmatic demand will outpace media owners’ ability to roll out new supply. To best manage this situation, media owners need to optimize revenue from the finite number of screens available – meaning campaigns need to be sold at the right price, and portfolio occupancy needs to be maximized. In order to solve this challenge, VIOOH has created these new tools to help our clients embrace yield management and make the most out of their portfolio,” said Gavin Wilson, Global Chief Customer and Revenue Officer at VIOOH.

One of our key strategic objectives as a company is to ensure we provide market-leading capabilities within a future-proof platform that connects buyers and sellers. Our digital OOH and programmatic experts at VIOOH have been continuously researching and developing our product offering to be able to provide solutions that align with the needs of our customers. This has resulted in our latest innovations – VIOOH Trading Manager and VIOOH Intelligence – that I’m delighted to be able to share today,” said Jon Block, Chief Product Officer at VIOOH.

VIOOH Trading Manager and VIOOH Intelligence are live with clients in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Singapore, with more to follow. Discover more about VIOOH Trading Manager and VIOOH Intelligence here.

VIOOH is a leading premium global digital out of home supply-side platform. Led by a team of digital OOH and programmatic tech experts, VIOOH is pioneering the transformation of the OOH sector, championing its role in enhancing omni-channel digital campaigns through the use of programmatic capabilities and data. For more information about VIOOH, please visit www.viooh.com

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