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5 Digital Advertising Predictions for 2022

Put it on a Billboard, it’ll last longer

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Apple, Google, Facebook … Accretive Media CEO  shares his forecast for digital advertising as the new year approaches.

by , Accretive Media CEO


1. Put it on a billboard, it’ll last longer…

Out-of-home is the only traditional medium that is poised for continued growth, and that trend will accelerate in 2022 due to advancements in measurement, accessibility, and ease of execution.  As data privacy, brand safety, attribution, cookie/MAID deprecation, antitrust, fraud, declining viewership, and other issues continue to plague every other channel, out-of-home and its increased engagement in a post-pandemic consumer environment will thrive. No bias here (insert sarcasm emoji), but out-of-home will become a must buy.

2. Apple doesn’t back down

Apple will continue their ‘privacy’ mission, which is their way to fortify their own advertising business and weaken their principal competitors under the guise of consumer advocacy.  Unironically, Apple’s changes have shown that Apple’s advertising and devices are now responsible for a bulk of brand mobile conversion and sales activity – who would have thunk it (insert another sarcasm emoji)?  The fight between Google, Facebook, and Apple will get uglier, with all of them firing shots across the bow that each other’s approaches, numbers, technology, and consumer data are compromised.

3. Google FLOC’d up…

Last year I predicted that Google would kick the proverbial can down the road on 3rd party cookie deprecation/elimination.  I was unfortunately right.  In June, they delayed the cookie culling on Chrome from March 2022 to ‘late 2023.’ Not surprising, given how FLOC testing was going and how their mobile results were trending among Apple users (see above).  In 2022, advertisers will continue the trend of trusting their own numbers above all else and to no-rational-person’s-surprise, their businesses will grow.

4. CTV back to Earth

We already saw that CTV core usage started to decrease as people started to emerge from their pandemic bunkers.  2022 will be another VERY interesting year for CTV.  With overall usage waning but still strong, yet linear’s upfront CPMs projected to double based on much lower viewership, how will the broader ‘television’ market respond?  Midterm elections will surely help CTV have another fantastic year, but other clean/safe formats (OOH, DOOH, Audio) will benefit tremendously from the turmoil seemingly every other channel is currently dealing with.

message by Movia Media

5. Oh Facebook, who are you?

2022 will be the year that we find out whether Facebook, or Meta, is on it’s way to Myspace City (and I say that respectfully, having worked for the company that bought Myspace with JT).  There is too much smoke with their data practices, too much ineffectiveness now that they can’t rig attribution/control all message cadence, and too much uncertainty around their go forward strategy.  I’m not sure that hiding in a Metaverse will make all these problems go away.  They are too big to fail for now, but next year will tell us A LOT.


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