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Revenue Per Board Spikes Higher Year-Over-Year

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Orem, UT – Blip Billboards, the country’s largest self-serve out-of-home marketplace, reported that digital billboards saw an 11.3% increase in the average advertising revenue per board versus the same period one year ago.  The year-over-year revenue increase on digital billboards that have been on Blip’s Marketing place for at least one year, a key indicator of the sentiment of small and medium sized businesses, was driven by spending among the company’s key sector, which represents advertisers across the spectrum of American businesses and organizations.

The year-over-year increase is welcomed by the out-of-home industry, but more growth is attainable.  While year-over year average revenue was up 11.3% for March, it was approximately 15% below the intra-year high seen in June of 2022. Month-to-month revenues are affected by the larger economic conditions and are subject to considerable seasonality, with the summer months often representing one of the strongest periods of the year.

“Our customers who own and operate digital billboards are encouraged by the upswing in spending from our typical Blip Marketplace advertisers, which are small to medium sized businesses from just about every industry and every corner of the country,” said Darrin Friskney, Blip’s Executive Vice President of Supply.  “Additionally, historical data indicates that we’ve not yet reached the peak-spending season of the year, which means strong digital billboard advertising revenue should be ahead.”

Founded in 2015, Blip works with Media Owners of all sizes, to fill perishable digital billboard space.  Blip Marketplace advertisers are typically a mix of regional to national advertisers, often small to medium sized businesses, frequently non-traditional or new to the medium, and who may not have found local digital billboard inventory without the convenience of Blip’s nationwide advertiser self-serve Marketplace.  More than 300 Media Owners utilize Blip on a daily basis for incremental, dependable revenue.  The digital billboards on Blip’s network makes more than 50 million daily advertising impressions available to advertisers on a convenient, self-serve, cost-effective basis.  For more information, visit BlipBillboards.com.

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