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Woof, Poor OOH Creative Turns into Lost Opportunity for Covid PSA Messaging

175 U.S. Markets for OOH Vaccine Campaign

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Poor OOH Creative Turns into Lost Opportunity


Adweek shared an Out of Home campaign encouraging vaccination for Covid-19. It is a PSA campaign, created by Mischief @ No Fixed Address in collaboration with Dini von Mueffling Communications. Out of Home will be a significant part of the effort with messages displayed in over 175 U.S. markets. Quan Media Group set up the donated media space. Additionally, the NBA has committed to run the ads across its network.

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Sadly, the OOH creative for this campaign is not very good. It misses on legibility. It’s tough to read the copy and the graphics are confusing. Many who shared remarks on this creative, questioned how PDA is even a legitimate reason to seek a vaccination. 

It’s not the worst creative that we have ever seen, but there is so much potential to do better. Many responded, it’s just public service, it really doesn’t matter. Public service, free of charge, does matter, and in this case, the creative makes it one big wasted investment of resources and lost opportunity for a very important message. 

When an OOH ‘campaign’ is public service, it’s the perfect time to set the narrative with the creative agency who’s asking for free space. Bad outdoor creative doesn’t help the industry. Accepting terrible creative for Public Service can make OOH look desperate as an Industry. 

Read the story from AdWeek here⇒ Mischief Goes OOH for Second Wave of Vaccine

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  1. Brian Rappaport says

    How about a rebuttal here Bill? Seems like a hit piece.

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    Of course Brian. Let’s be clear, we have been very supportive of Quan and will continue to be. The story’s facts do not change. A hit piece?-roughly defined as a ‘published article or post aiming to sway public opinion by presenting false or biased information in a way that appears objective and truthful’. We are open to a constructive rebuttal just as the post was constructive and factual regarding the campaign. If there are false or biased information, we are open to hear about it. One can shoot the messenger but the message, the OOH Creative, as it was delivered via Adweek remains the same. Rebutt away

  3. […] Woof, Poor OOH Creative Turns into Lost Opportunity for Covid PSA Messaging […]

  4. Mo Miller says

    Bad outdoor creative doesn’t help the industry. Accepting poorly designed Public service can make us look desperate. How many Pharma CMO’s / Executives saw this campaign? This set my prospecting back as a national sales rep at least 3 years with the Pharm vertical. If we were lucky, they did not look at the design or over looked it with the publications. Creative did not work. Over 22 words. type too small size. font poor. Photos confusing and or too dark. What was with the 7 logos? Creative Crash

  5. Brian says

    Think you should read some of the trades and how many companies were involved with this PRO BONO effort. Had to showcase all logos. Couldn’t just put Pfizer on there. Too wordy? Maybe – but the photos were the majority of the ad. Too dark? Isn’t it dark in a movie theater? Agree to disagree. I’m starting to think this is a generational thing and that’s all good. Again – everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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