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Woke Up in Nashville

top 10 "Reasons I Love the OAAA Convention"

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OOH …Here’s One Thing

by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company

Nice little ditty…and it works for this week:

But as you know I was raised on rock and roll.  I don’t think Long Island had a single country station growing up:

And since Mother’s Day is right around the corner:

Hard time to choose between the two of those…so you can thank me later, I gave you both.  Okay Johnsen, so what is with the top 10 lists?  Well with the conference starting tomorrow, I thought I would share my top 10 “Reasons I Love the OAAA Convention”  (sorry Geopath, still can’t wrap my head around calling it that).

  1. No one knows what to wear, so the guy in board shorts ends up standing right next to the guy in Saville Row.

9. Regardless of what year it is, the youngins party like it’s 1999 

8. The never ending creative ways that the climbers try to get in front of the BMOCs, including sriracha sauce…this is the outdoor business after all!

7. The challenge of trying to thread the needle between attending all the day sessions and looking like a dork and only hosting private meetings and missing the 15 minutes of content that really mattered. 

6. The attitude!  Everyone thinks they are a player, or at least do their best to pretend they are a player.

5. That moment when you can’t stand it any longer, you Irish goodbye, and you land on your bed with all your clothes on.  Wow, does that bed feel good! 

4. That moment when you are standing in the check-in line and you can see the rookies realize that it’s not actually a vacation. 

3. The first night at the bar always brings me right back to my fraternity days no matter how old I am.

2. Running into friends you haven’t seen in 20 years.

1. I mean, where else can you talk about “outdoor” all day and all night without everyone else thinking that you are a landscaper!!!

Look forward to seeing you all there.  I’ll be the dork in the back of the room (some of the time :).



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