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Why Just Being “open for business” Isn’t Enough

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Why just being “open for business” isn’t enough

Please Come In! The Comeback of Drive-to-Store Marketing



by Casey Binkley, CEO, Movia Media




Not so long ago, brick-and-mortar stores were waiting for one thing – to be able to open their doors again. Now that this is finally happening, especially in the U.S., the focus has shifted to that all-important next requirement: shoppers.

What’s changing the game this time around in terms of targeting them, is that people are sick and tired of looking at their screens. As they move to outdoor spaces, they are responding more and more to physical ad campaigns.  The best way reassure these consumers that you’re ready for business and thriving, is by utilizing drive-to-store campaigns.

Drive-to-store marketing is aimed at attracting consumers to a physical point of sale using advertising mediums such as the internet, mobile technologies, and Out-of-Home (OOH) tactics in tandem. It’s the best way to engage with consumers who are longing to go back to normal. By talking to them where they are, it’s easier to catch people in the right mindset to draw them into your business. In fact, drive-to-store marketing campaigns are going to be extremely vital for companies and brands right now.

There are a few options for your business when it comes to targeting consumers. Which tactics to choose will depend on your needs and what will produce the most effective campaign for your brand. Some options include: travel-time to store, radius targeting, or precise competitor targeting. It’s important to remember that the time it takes consumers to travel to your business is vital in whether or not they will visit. You have to think about how you can overlay their travel time with data, identifying zones with a strong affinity to your business. Advertising agencies use different tactics depending on the company they are promoting. Some of these tactics involve complementary businesses to promote their product, some use OOH signage to guide consumers to their store, and some target consumers through geofencing.

Another major drive-to-store advertising strategy to consider is the use of multiple mediums. Reaching consumers through some combination of their phones, a billboard, a truck-side ad, or DOOH signage with a consistent message, will always be the most beneficial way to garner a high ROI and high engagement

According to a Drum article, this multi-layered strategy can increase footfall into your business by 65% and OOH specifically increases footfall by 2.5 times compared to using these channels separately. By using multiple ad mediums at once, your brand’s message stays top-of-mind for consumers throughout their entire day.

One of the most effective options in this multi-medium blitz is the use of truck-side advertising. Shoppers Drug Mart for example recently partnered up with Movia, a truck-side advertising company, to help launch their new fresh food section in Calgary and Edmonton. Shoppers needed to reach people where they were, out and about, commuting, and at home. Movia’s mobile marketing strategy was able to bring the new fresh food section news into key locations and areas nearby the Shoppers Drug Mart locations. The ads were delivered to consumers when they were making key shopping location decisions, drawing them into Shoppers stores at the perfect time. The campaign resulted in 10 million impressions over 5 weeks, helped boost consumer spending at Shoppers locations, and raised awareness of the new fresh food sections. All in all, a very successful campaign that showcases the effectiveness of drive-to-store marketing strategies.

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Retailers, restaurants, stores, and dealerships have had to adapt numerous times over the past year in order to meet consumers where they are. Now that restrictions are easing, it’s time to optimize your ad campaigns with drive-to-store marketing. After all, just being “open” isn’t enough to be successful. You need people to know why they should come.

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