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Why We Need OOH Buying Services.

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kopywriting kourse actual posterAn old friend of mine who is an absolute superior lease hound, sniffing out great billboard locations and living in Austin, Texas, shared a blog written by Neville Medhora, of Kopywriting Kourse.  Neville is no doubt, a good person and by all appearances, very successful at what he does.  He has written and sold a book to Amazon among many undertakings and has an impressive signed-up audience of 45,000+ people.  No doubt he can teach me a great deal about copy-writing, blogging and share his visual attention simulator, which provides visual heat maps and eye tracking.  His blog and the 90+ comments are worth the read. Click the link to his blog Billboards by Kopywriting Kourse .  What catches your attention immediately and hopefully encourages you to read further, is the underlined and italicized info shared from his blog below, starting at “Where to buy billboards:”

A good reminder to all of us in the Outdoor Advertising Industry the importance to continually educate and justification of why we need good OOH Media planning and buying services.  

“Where to buy billboards:”

“Billboards are all fragmented. You can have individual Mom-And-Pop style outfits that sell space on their private billboard, or big companies like Reagan Outdoor or Lamar Advertising.

Here are the top 10 billboard advertising companies in the United States:

If you enquire about advertising with them, you will most likely be assigned a local “billboard broker” who will help you.  The billboard industry seems pretty old school and fragmented.”

Neville Kopywriting Kourse

Good news for Boardworks, Comstor, Design, Dusty’s, Huntington, Roland, Transformation and Barnes breaking into ‘the top 10 billboard advertising companies.’

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