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Who Owns LA? 9 Leading OOH Operators of Los Angeles ♦

The Top Fives —Outfront Media Dominates

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9 OOH Operators Lead Los Angeles ♦

The Top 5’s

Los Angeles, City of Angels to most, is the Grand Daddy of Outdoor Advertising to us in the billboard industry. LA is considered the glitz capital of OOH showing the most contemporary, creative, cool  and often representing the latest in culture via billboards. From movies to sports stars, new products and services, Los Angeles Out of Home showcases arguably, the best collection of the most creative Outdoor executions in the world.

So who ‘owns’ LA? We found 9 OOH operators who dominate our Top 5 list in 4 categories.

We started working the Geopath Insights Suite for answers in search of the top OOH operators by spot count in Los Angeles and included the total weekly average impressions by each category. Or as I like to say, the top OOH companies by inventory.

From the search, we created 4 lists. These operators currently have the most Geopath-audited & measured ad opportunities in the Los Angeles Designated Market Area or DMA.


I. Top 5 Owners by Spot Count 

2) Clear Channel Outdoor
3) InSite Street Media
4) Lamar Advertising
5) PMD Media

In total, Geopath measures 40,386 roadside and place-based spots in the LA DMA.
These units deliver a combined 6.2 billion impressions (Persons 0+) in the average week.


II. Top 5 Static Bulletin Owners by Count 

2) Lamar Advertising
3) Clear Channel Outdoor
4) Regency Outdoor
5) Bulletin Displays

Geopath shows 4,666 static bulletins delivering 1.76 billion impressions (Persons 0+) in the average week.


III. Top 5 Digital Bulletin Owners by Spot Count 

1) Clear Channel Outdoor
3) Lamar Adverting
4) Bulletin Displays
5) General Outdoor

The 2,221 spots on digital bulletins measured by Geopath deliver 1 billion impressions (Persons 0+) in the average week.


IV. Top 5 Street Furniture Owners by Spot Count 

1) InSite Street Media
3) Clear Channel Outdoor
4) PMD Media
5) Focus Media

Geopath measures 21,204 spots on street furniture in the LA DMA that deliver a total of 2 billion impressions (Persons 0+) in the average week.


♦ Only Geopath-audited & measured OOH ad opportunities are being considered.




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