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When the Glow is Gone

The Operator’s Guide to Replacing Digital Billboards

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The Operator’s Guide to Replacing
Digital Billboards


As a seasoned operator, you understand the profound value of digital billboard advertising. But what happens when your board doesn’t glow like it used to?

Right now there’s plenty of buzz in the industry about replacing signs. Early providers had undeniably great products and offers, but that was nearly a decade ago, and those LEDs weren’t designed to last forever. In fact, if your billboard is 10 years or older it’s time for a replacement.

Formetco created a guide to billboard replacement for those of you with an aging inventory. The post covers:

  • Telltale Signs that it’s Time to Replace Your Billboard
  • How Upgrading Can Transform Your Business
  • Billboard Replacement Checklist
  • How to Make the Replacement Process Less Daunting

Checkout the guide now:


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