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It was a harsh winter here in southwestern Montana. With five months of continuous snow cover and erratic 60-degree swings in the weather, a fair amount of trees in our area have died. I again fumbled with the proper payment etiquette on one recent visit to the local tree nursery to check out some new lilac bushes. No tapping at this location, pressing credit or debit before inserting the credit card, constant beeping to remove the card, and signature required this time. I apologized to the cashier, who smiled and replied, “That’s okay; I have lots of patience. I teach grade school.” The nurseries are in peak bloom regarding business, and adding seasonal help is a great way to manage the workflow and keep the customers happy.

shot by FotoFetch

FotoFetch works on the same concept. When you need extra help with photography during busier times of the year or when life gets too hectic to do it yourself, you can just enter an order, and the next thing you know, your photos are done. FotoFetch has nearly 10,000 photographers in North America ready to help. We have Upfront pricing …we train the photographer how to shoot OOH correctly.

What is there not to like? Photographers can come and go, but the FotoFetch team is always ready to help. And although none of our staff were grade school teachers, our customer care team has the patience to check and review your order and ensure it’s right.









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